Q: Do I have to write a story in 100 words?
A: No you don’t. We are only looking for story ideas – the more creative the better. Think about what kind of story you’d like to read and let your imagination take flight.

Q: Can I enter as many times as I want?
A: No. You need to work out what your BEST story idea is and enter that one.

Q: Can I enter one story for each prize on offer?
A: No. You need to work out what your favourite prize would be and then enter your story idea for that one prize category. 

Q: When will the prize winners be announced?
A: Depending on the number of entries we receive, the announcement of winner will be on or around 10 May, 2019 on the website. 
However each winning entrant will be notified by phone or email before the details are placed onto this website. 

Q: Can my teacher enter for me?
A: As long as your teacher has permission from your parent / guardian to enter the competition, then they may place your entry online, as long as the contact details alongside the entry are that of your parent / guardian should you win. 

Q: How old do you have to be to enter?
A: To be eligible to win one of the prizes, you must be between the ages of 5 and 12 years at the time of entering the competition. If you turn 13 after you have entered, that will still be ok. 

Q: How do I enter?
A: Click on the page ‘How to Enter’ and look at all of the fields, you need to complete and make sure you have your parent / guardian’s permission to enter. Sit down together and fill in each field making sure you include your story idea. Click the submit button and keep your fingers and toes crossed. 

Q: Who can enter?
A: If you are an Australian resident and are between 5–12 years old, you can enter the Imaginormous challenge. The competition is open to Australian residents only. 

Q: When is the closing date of this competition?

A: You have until 16 April 2019, so hurry.